Sophisticated Entrepreneur and Partner to Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley Lightspeed

Born and raised in California, United States, Ashley Lightspeed is an entrepreneur although having an interest in architect since her father was one. Earning his knowledge and skills in business from Stanford University where she graduated with her master’s degree in MBA and her bachelor’s degree from Duke University having studied Visual and Media services, Markets and management, she has been a sophisticated leader and currently her accomplishments is visible to many. She is a partner to Lightspeed Venture Partners Company based in San Francisco. The company is an investment firm dealing with technology enterprise and consumer space. See Related Article at

Ashley Lightspeed has been into other enterprise firms widely in United States before partnering with Lightspeed Venture Partners where she is only four months old as a partner. She has been into Growth Stage Companies where she plays the role of a consultant and advisor, Giant Bain and Company where she was a senior associate and also in San Francisco Bay Area as a category manager. With her experience in business world, she delivers the best and quality services to her clients to ensure maximum satisfaction to them.

Working as a partner, she has made much contributions and accomplishments to the company to ensure paramount business innovation and creative solutions towards the development and building of the company. With her love for architecture although she has a parallel work to it as a business lady, she is architecting the best solutions and ways to venture into the business world so as to ensure keen steps in undertaking it. She has been a helpful partner in developing new business models, products and services so as to enable the company achieve its goals. With her commitment and love in business, Ashley aims high in coming up with new ideas that strives the company’s spirit and thus gaining popularity globally.


A One-On-One Guide To Better Entrepreneurship Through Stansberry Research

On occasions, business owners need to consider investments to help maintain their annual income. Through Stansberry Research, an owner can learn about new recommendations which will lead to better financial resolutions. More importantly, growth stocks and business capital become easier to understand and well-maintained. In fact, Stansberry Research starts a portfolio for each client.

In detail, the portfolio has a designed business path planned out for them. At the most, each client can receive 40 recommendations to help break through financial barriers that are holding them back. Along with a typed business portfolio, the sources used are explained throughout the business counseling. In reality, this helps break down financial barriers that are holding your company back. In the long run, you will have more of a sense of confidence while Stansberry helps to rearrange your business to make capital. Simultaneously, publications will be a part of the package as well. Meanwhile, the business owner is learning better risks to take on behalf of their business. Otherwise, the owner’s company may be in jeopardy.

On a happy note, Stansberry Research helps an entrepreneur understand how to invest. In that aspect, this helps the owner feel secure when talking about their business issues. Additionally, the owner has consultations that involve retirement investments along with creating the portfolio. In terms of structure, the owner will know if any bad decisions were made prior to consulting with Stansberry Research. Moreover, the owner gains the business knowledge and recommends Stansberry Research to other colleagues.

By implementing what is taught by Stansberry, entrepreneurs feel anchored enough to teach their own board of directors. Within in a matter of time, the owners will know how important it is to keep their business knowledge current at all times. In that case, publications are a continuous way to read and understand the up and coming businesses that may need your help. Also, the owner learns to keep up with the stock exchange. With those approaches, Stansberry Research can teach leadership and business to anyone that may be struggling. Overall, your business journey will regain its wealth, and you will become a better business owner.

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The Leadership of Susan McGalla

P3 Executive Consulting LLC was founded by Susan P. McGalla, a leading consultant in branding, marketing, talent management, and operational efficiencies. She is a highly sought-after writer and speaker in her areas of expertise. She is particularly a favored speaker to profession women’s groups. This is quite the change for her since she grew up in a home with two brothers and a football coach father who raised her to be just as tough as a guy. She credits both of her parents with instilling in her the value of hard work and self-confidence.

After graduating with a B.A. from Mount Union College, she entered the professional world with a position with Joseph Home Company. In 1994, she began working for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. She soon became its only female executive. It was in this position that she began other women to take on leadership roles. During the rest of her time with American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla would go on to have a number of other leadership roles, including its president and Chief Merchandising Officer. She left here to become the CEO of Wet Seal Inc.

It was while in this top position that she left to become a consultant. While helping professional women succeed has always been her primary passion, this is not the only focus that continues to drive her. In her counseling of professional women, she encourages this same approach. In addition to her leadership work, McGalla also sits on the boards of HFF Inc. and the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.Read more about Susan Mcgalla:

Change of the Matrix Brand by Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Dan Bethelmy-Rada hails as the global brand president of L’Oréal under the professional products division. The 40-year-old is the youngest DMI General Manager in charge throughout the firm. Dan Bethelmy-Rada took over the current position back in 2015.

With over 15 years of service to L’Oréal Paris and Garnier Brands, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is more of an innovator in the field. Through the wide skillsets in marketing and digital strategy, he plays a critical role in managing the brand strategy globally which forecasting on positive practices to diversify the workplace.

With oversight of a large and dedicated team, Dan Bethelmy-Rada holds an impressive track record for training candidates to fill top marketing posts. He also is impressive in fighting for inclusivity and representation across L’Oréal. The wide recognition awarded to him is due to his skills in team development and also reinforcing diverse talents which add to the growth of the Matrix brand.

A better part of his assimilation into the beauty industry dates back to his participation in the AFS-USA program. The one of a program provided intercultural learning. This built his skills in international relations and business opportunities. This was cemented after pursuing a career in International Business at the Sorbonne University based in Paris.

After securing an MBA from the ESSEC Business School, he was taken by L’Oréal. He was later promoted to Product Manager of Lascad, a subsidiary of L’Oréal.

According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, daily endeavors include the development of products while drafting service creation. This is baked with creation and editing digital and social media of the business models and growth strategies.

A common trend that works out for L’Oréal currently is the continual use of social media as a marketing strategy. This is integrated into the growth of the business models and strategies. When asked about the source of his productivity, he believes that it is drawn from the work-life balance.

Part of the global brand success experienced by L’Oréal is due to the Matrix brand transformation by Dan Bethelmy-Rada. This has been achieved through new positioning and the creative direction. He has been able to make the Matrix digital thus increasing the visibility and status among the beauty products consumers.

“Marc Beer Demonstrates His Expertise in Securing Funding Raising Funds for Boston Women’s Health Startup “

Renovia Inc. recently received a financial boost for the development of several new products for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders with Marc Beer managing to raise $32 million through Series B and $10 million in venture debt. The pharmaceutical startup was co-founded by Marc Beer and it develops various therapeutic and diagnostic products aimed at treating pelvic floor disorders including urinary incontinence in women.


According to a research, over 250 million women across the world suffer from urinary incontinence. Renovia is committed to improve the lives of women across the world through pelvic floor disorders therapeutic and diagnostic products. It has manufactured several products including Leva device which received FDA accreditation early last year.


The Longwood Fund was among the participants in the financing round which was overseen by the Missouri-based Ascension Ventures as well as New York-based Perceptive Advisors. The Longwood Fund was among the early healthcare firms which invested in Renovia. The Boston-based medtech company is now able to move forward with its four products with development and testing. It will also test and develop a new generation of the Leva device.


In a statement, Marc Beer expressed his gratitude with the healthcare investors who have given him unwavering support. He terms that the support he has gotten from the healthcare investors is as a result of their belief in his vision of improving the lives of women across the world who are affected by pelvic floor disorders through development of therapeutic and diagnostic products for the disorders. The Renovia CEO also said that the company using technologies and every resource within its reach to derive understanding of pelvic disorders and inform new treatment options with an ultimate aim of reducing healthcare costs in the long-term.


Marc Beer has built a very successful career in the healthcare sector proving to be a useful resource in the sector. He was a strategic consultant at OvaScience (Nasdaq: OVAS), a company which announced that it was merging with Millendo Therapeutics.


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer brings over 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Particularly, he has worked in biotechnology, diagnostics, devices, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. He co-founded Marc Beer alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. He managed to close Series A financing successfully during its early stages of inception.


Marc Beer founded ViaCell and served as CEO for the biotechnology company until it was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2007. The company specialized on acquisition, preservation, as well as development of umbilical blood stem cells. He also was a member of the board of directors of Erytech Pharma. Additionally, he served at Genzyme where he climbed up the ladder to become Vice President of Global Marketing. He held various sales and marketing roles in Abbott Laboratories. He was a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Learn more:


An Inside Look Into Private Equity Firm HGGC

In an industry where normalcy breeds unprofitable results, HGGC seeks to transcend norms by creating trends that “shape tomorrow’s opportunities.” Founded in 2007, this private equity investment firm offers expertise, custom solutions, and services abound. Co-founded by NFL star Steve Young, this PE business has a unique backstory. When Young reached the end of his prime, he endeavored to make a name for himself in a different realm. An enterprising man through and through, Young realized he had a flair for entrepreneurialism. Eight years after bidding his football career a tear-laden farewell, Young reached the pinnacle of his business career.

As the company’s managing director, Young oversees the lion’s share of operations. After spending nearly a decade at the helm, Young’s acquired expertise in the following fields: leveraged buyouts, middle markets, growth equity, and platform investments. As a whole, HGGC strives to “provide insight into ongoing middle market trends.” What’s more, the firm is very enthusiastic about partnering with companies that have an EBITDA between $15 million and $75 million. While this may appear a seemingly unattainable goal, HGGC’s years of industry success bespeaks their ability to make the impossible possible.

These days, HGGC is making diligent efforts to expand beyond their North American partnerships by forging relations with international businesses and startup companies. More specifically, they’re looking to invest in nationwide conglomerates that specialize in one of the following industries: healthcare, industrial services, finance, retail, infrastructure, software, professional development, technology, and communications. Given their far-reaching appeal, HGGC is confident they’ll soon establish a rapport with an organization that fits the above description. Above all else, HGGC puts a premium on investing in advanced technology. According to top execus, cutting-edge technology bodes well for “superior deal flow, aligned interests, and disciplined investment choices.”

Guilherme Paulus Uses His Knowledge to Successfully Manage a Travel Company

As the president of the board of advisors at CVC Brazil, Guilherme Paulus knows there is a lot of work that comes with managing a hotel, resort and tour company. He spent a lot of time learning about how to make the most out of the tour business and with what he was working with. He came up with the idea after a boat trip and took off from there. His dedication allows him to continue showing people the hotel company can be successful. Since it’s important to Guilherme Paulus to make sure he’s doing everything the right way, he has a lot of hope for the future and the way he can do thigns in the future. It’s also important to him to make sure he is able to figure out how to run the hotel company so it will continue being successful no matter what he has to deal with.

There are many ways the company works and that’s something that pushes Guilherme Paulus to be successful on his own. Thanks to his dedication and the opportunities he created, Guilherme Paulus knew there were positive ways he could make things easier for people who needed his help. Based on the way the business is successful, Guilherme knows what it’s like to offer solutions to people who need a great hotel, a resort in Brazil or tours in any of the areas in Brazil.

Since the CVC and GJP companies are widespread throughout Brazil, Guilherme knows he made a great decision with the hotel chain. No matter where people are traveling in the country, they have a chance to get the luxury options that come with the hotels. They can also plan their entire stay through the chain since it’s a restort. From accomodations, to things to do and even tours of Brazil, guests get the premier experience. Guilherme chose to do this because he knew there was a need for it in Brazil. He also knew people would be happier with the hotel chain if they could include everything in with the money they paid for their stay.

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Guilherme Paulus succeeds in setting up an internationally recognized tour company

One thing that many Brazilians know is that being an entrepreneur in the country is not an easy task. There are many obstacles which one must overcome to succeed as a prominent entrepreneur. One might think that the high population offers the best environment for business activities. However, to set up a successful business in the country, you must fight off high venture capital, taxes, and bureaucracy involved in business operations. These obstacles have the potential of undermining the dreams of many brilliant business ideas. According to a report by the World Bank, Brazil is ranked as one of the countries in the world which offers the worst business environment.

Because of these challenges, one might be tempted to ask, how some entrepreneurs in this country have still managed to succeed despite all these challenges. One such entrepreneur is Guilherme Paulus. He currently serves as the co-founder of the largest tour operator in Latin America known as CVC. Mr. Paula took advantage of every opportunity since he began planning to become a prominent business person in the country. He intended to become a leader in the accommodations and tour industry in Brazil. Over the years, he has outdone himself by establishing a business that has been performing exceptionally well outside the country.

To succeed, Guilherme Paulus had to come up with a plan which involved listening to the customers and working with government agencies to achieve his goals. He is a firm believer in listening and therefore he took every advice offered to him seriously.

Guilherme Paulus was born in Sao Paulo in 1949. Since then, he has gone to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. From a young age, Guilherme Paulus had interests in business, and at a young age of 20 years, he was already working as an intern at IBM. At the age of 24, he met a friend who was working in the local government at the time and who introduced him to the idea of setting up a tour operator in the country. It is after this meeting that his dreams of setting up a successful tour company came into reality. His business partner left a few years later leaving him as the only director for the company. Today he boasts of creating a multi-billion dollar company.

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A Look at Technology With Robert Deignan

Meet Robert Deignan: The creator of ATS digital services and former professional football player. Robert is a graduate of Perdue University where he majored in Organizational Leadership and played football for the college team. Creating ATS Digital Services is one of his most fulfilling accomplishments. ATS Digital Services is a platform that allows people to find solutions for common technological problems. Companies like ATS Digital Services has found success in solving problems related to technology. These companies are still finding new issues that arise due to the constant growth of technology and the adjustments needing to be made by people.

Some of Robert’s found success has been credited to trusting his “gut feeling“, which he believes always leads him to make the right decision. He also credits his success to the use of accounting software that has allowed him to keep accurate checks and balances at a lower cost than employing an accountant. He believes that checks and balances need to be included when one has new ideas that are innovative for the market. A person needs to be sure that the resources are available to bring a great idea to the market before starting the work it takes to build a great company.

In a recent article, “3 Reasons to Create A Healthier Relationship With Your Technology With Robert Deignan“, Gemma Cottrell brings to light that the public increasingly multitasks and this is a detriment to human production. Many people believe that doing many things at one time is more productive, however Robert argues that it decreases productivity and tires the brain. Robert believes that technology and social media has become addictive and time consuming, meaning that people spend time scrolling on their phones wasting time. This subsequently interferes with production and functionality of the human being.

Robert believes that everything should be in moderation, and when phones and technology become addictive there is a major problem that grows in our lives. People need to be more aware of the time spent using social apps that are not as productive as reading books, taking courses, and overall bettering themselves.


Lincolnshire Management a Global Leading Private Equity Firm

Lincolnshire Management is a private for-profit financial services firm that was founded in 1986. The firm that is headquartered in New York was established with the aim of providing investments and acquisitions services to middle market companies across a diverse range of industries. Lincolnshire for the past 30 years has made investments through more than 85 acquisitions across various sectors. The firm that was established by Frank Wright and Steven Kumble over three decades ago is ranked among the top ten most performing private equity firms in the US by renowned media outlets such as the CNN and the Fortune Magazine among others.

Lincolnshire Management just like any other startup started like a small investment and acquisition company in New York. The firm has grown over the years, and today it boasts of having regional offices in places such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta among others. Besides, the company boasts of having more than 1.7 billion dollars worth of private equity funds under its management. The previous firm funds II and III have both been recognized as the top quartile of all private equity funds in the US. Some of the financial services that the firm focuses on include acquisition investments in private companies’, recapitalizations; buyouts and helping both public and private company grow their equity among others.

Lincolnshire Management boasts of a team of highly qualified and trained professionals in the financial investment sector. At the helm of the company is T.J. Maloney who serves as the firm’s Chairman and CEO. Maloney joined the firm in the year 1993, and under his leadership, the firm has achieved many successes. Maloney is highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions including securities law. Maloney is the firm’s vision carrier, and aside from overseeing all the firms operations, he is an active member of the firm’s investment committee. Maloney before joining Lincolnshire Management served in various senior capacities in a couple of organizations such as Boston College Wall Street Council where he served as Chairman among others. Maloney is an alma mater of both Boston College and Fordham Law School where he acquired a BA and Jurist Doctor degrees respectively.

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