Working For Sussex HealthCare

Being apart of the Sussex family can be a very rewarding experience, not only for the clients but for the employees as well. We offer a variety of benefits and opportunities for growth within the company. We strive to recruit individuals with a strong work ethic and a true passion to improve the lives of others.

Working with Sussex Healthcare has many long term advantages and many opportunities for growth.

Sussex offers a plethora of benefits to its team members. These include, but are not limited to, pension plans, free transportation to work, discounted Sussex healthcare services for family members, subsidiary meals, paid breaks and great pay.

We also offer a stellar training program at our in House Training Academy for entry level employees. Training is also available to individuals wanting to advance their careers with Sussex.

Once hired, you will have the chance to earn a referral bonus for referring friends to Sussex for employment opportunities. This will enable our network of great people to grow.

The Sussex Healthcare Company has employment opportunities all across the Sussex region. We currently have 20 facilities. These opportunities range from housekeeping positions to management roles. We offer both full and part time positions to fit your schedules. We are currently seeking to fill the following positions:

Domestic Assistants
Activity Assistants
Kitchen Staff
Direct Care Assistants
Laundry Assistants
Support Workers
Registered Care Home Managers
Autism Leads
Payroll Supervisors
Senior Care Assistants
Registered Nurses

To apply, please visit for detailed job descriptions and locations.

The Sussex Healthcare company was established nearly 30 years ago and continues to be a pioneer in the industry for providing unprecedented services to its clients. It currently has 20 establishments across Sussex with its headquarters in West Sussex.

Services include domestic assistance for elderly individuals, dementia care, Alzheimer’s Disease care, neurological care and assistance for disabled adults. We understand that each individual has unique needs. Care and assistance is customized and provided on a personal one on one basis.

The highly accredited professional with over 30 years experience, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, was recently appointed as the CEO. Her expertise has help improved the business strategies of the company, as she has been working with the Sussex management team.

Sussex has won many awards throughout the years. They currently hold 3 top Hospitality Awards in the United Kingdom, such as Hospitality Accreditation Quality Unit, Investor in People Status, and the Sussex Business Award.

This company continues to flourish as it gives back to its community, clients and employees.

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End Citizens United’s Political Plans For 2018

The well known Democratic and anti-big money PAC, End Citizens United has big aspirations and ambitions. Towards the tail end of 2017 the End Citizens United publicly announced its political chess strategy for 2018. The group’s primary focus, in terms of their plans moving forward into 2018, is on who they call the “big money 20” of American politics.

The designated big money 20 consists of a selection of those politicians who End Citizens United deems to have placed their own self interest as well as special interest groups over the interests of the American People, generally to the benefit of those groups who had given sizable donations to said candidates. Some of these candidates include very high profile well known figures such as the former presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, as well as Dean Heller, Rod Blum, Will Hurd and Mimi Walters.


In relation to questions concerning all of the “big money 20” End Citizens United’s chief director publicly stated that all of the individual politicians listed were “the worst of the worst in Congress.” In addition to drawing attention to these “worst of the worst” politicians, End Citizen United plans on raising around $ 35 million during the 2018 election run, this is a lofty goal as it would be about 10 million more than what was expended during 2016.

Of additional note is the fact that, though many of the congressmen and women named and shamed on the PAC group’s list are highly vulnerable, two in glaring particular are going to be exceedingly hard to unseat; those being Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz. A additional challenge which will face End Citizens United in its pursuit of its noble goals will be the fact that the organization is a classical political action committee which means that it cannot legally receive any donations in excess of $ 5000. Thus, End Citizens United will be relying on a large number of small, primarily grassroots donations to meet its sizable needs. Yet, given the fact that the PAC has approximately 3 million+ members, they will have plenty of support in their laudable endeavor to get big money out of American politics, once and for all.


Robert Ivy: Looking After the Architects in the United States

The American Institute of Architects is known as one of the oldest professional organization in the United States, being established in the 19th century. The American Institute of Architects was founded by 13 architects, with the primary objective of countering those who are posing as architects but do not have the skills for the task. Immigrants who brought with them fake documents have flooded the United States during the 19th century, and they are all demanding to enter the country with their fake profession because the United States back then were requiring more professional architects and engineers for nation building. The founders of the American Institute of Architects have thought that by requiring all architects in the country to become a member of the organization, instances of fraud would decrease. After the foundation of the organization, the headquarters was selected to be in Washington D.C., built in the same office as it is today.

Through the years, the American Institute of Architects have selected only a few individuals who would take the role as the organization’s leader. Robert Ivy was chosen to lead the organization in 2011 after the former head decided to step down. He was given two positions inside the organization – being the executive vice president, and the American Institute of Architects’s CEO. The role that was bestowed upon Robert Ivy is a testament as to how the foundation of the organization believes in his capabilities to become a leader. After he was chosen to become the organization’s leader, he immediately called upon his colleagues and told them how he wanted to lead the group. He presented to them his plans of improving the image of architects all across the country, and portraying themselves as someone who are responsible and law-abiding. He also stated that the organization will be zero-tolerant towards architects who are practicing in the United States and are involved in shady activities.

Robert Ivy spent his childhood in Mississippi, and he graduated from the Sewanee: The University of the South and the Tulane University, where he received his master’s degree in Architecture. Robert Ivy is known for his passion for portraying architects with optimism, and he live by the rule of the organization to improve the image of the profession in the eyes of the public. Today, Robert Ivy spend most of his time managing the organization from their headquarters in Washington, D.C., making sure that they are performing their profession with integrity and honor.