End Citizens United’s Political Plans For 2018

The well known Democratic and anti-big money PAC, End Citizens United has big aspirations and ambitions. Towards the tail end of 2017 the End Citizens United publicly announced its political chess strategy for 2018. The group’s primary focus, in terms of their plans moving forward into 2018, is on who they call the “big money 20” of American politics.

The designated big money 20 consists of a selection of those politicians who End Citizens United deems to have placed their own self interest as well as special interest groups over the interests of the American People, generally to the benefit of those groups who had given sizable donations to said candidates. Some of these candidates include very high profile well known figures such as the former presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, as well as Dean Heller, Rod Blum, Will Hurd and Mimi Walters.

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In relation to questions concerning all of the “big money 20” End Citizens United’s chief director publicly stated that all of the individual politicians listed were “the worst of the worst in Congress.” In addition to drawing attention to these “worst of the worst” politicians, End Citizen United plans on raising around $ 35 million during the 2018 election run, this is a lofty goal as it would be about 10 million more than what was expended during 2016.

Of additional note is the fact that, though many of the congressmen and women named and shamed on the PAC group’s list are highly vulnerable, two in glaring particular are going to be exceedingly hard to unseat; those being Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz. A additional challenge which will face End Citizens United in its pursuit of its noble goals will be the fact that the organization is a classical political action committee which means that it cannot legally receive any donations in excess of $ 5000. Thus, End Citizens United will be relying on a large number of small, primarily grassroots donations to meet its sizable needs. Yet, given the fact that the PAC has approximately 3 million+ members, they will have plenty of support in their laudable endeavor to get big money out of American politics, once and for all.

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