Why GreenSky Is Ruling the Financial Tech World

It was a breakthrough for GreenSky, the fast-growing financial tech company when their stocks rose by 17.1% in August 2018. According to financial analyst, the growth was a result of the company’s recent partnership with American Express. Considering that American Express has a strong merchandise base, we expect that and access to such a base will give GreenSky a more extensive customer reach than what they already have.

About the company

GreenSky is a company that is known for its role as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. They do not bear any risk during this process, and therefore, their operational model is attractive to many business partners. Considering that they have excelled in the online lending industry despite spirited competition from many quarters, there is no doubt that their growth will keep increasing. They have built strong relationships with home investors, banks, and healthcare providers to cement their position as leaders in this industry.

Getting more customers

Observers say that the bulk of their partnership with American Express will be more visible in 2019. This realization is likely to bring another critical growth dimension. GreenSky says that due to this new partnership, they will be focusing on bringing more customers on board, and using the networks that are already in place to make loans more accessible. It is a partnership that is likely to spur growth for both parties, and things are looking up.

Their recent history

Exponential growth is not a new phenomenon for GreenSky. We are looking at a company that experienced a 50% growth in the number of active merchants on their platform for the period ranging from 2015-2017. Although they have a business model that resembles that of big payment processors, they have used various tactics such as reduction of transaction fees to keep customers coming to their platform.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, GreenSky focuses on providing the latest financial technology to banks and other financial institutions. This technology enables them to provide more effective loan options for customers in various markets including home improvement and healthcare. Owing to their new partnerships, we can only expect that the company will come up with improved ways of accessing loans for customers.


Financial Advising is Ted Bauman’s Way of Helping the Aspiring Entrepreneur

There are thousands of men and women out there looking to make it in the financial industry as entrepreneurs and for some, the journey is only a matter of time. For others, a little guidance is necessary in order to overcome the obstacles and difficulties in managing a successful business. The opportunities still out there in the investment industry are plentiful, but they are not always easy to spot, which is why Ted Bauman is helping people find them. Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the leading financial sources on the net that brings in hundreds of thousands of users monthly, and Ted currently works as a writer offering up his financial knowledge for the company.

Ted was born in the United States, but he eventually went to South Africa to study at Cape Town University. For Ted, he grew accustomed to living outside the US and even took up work helping out the community and non-profit organizations. As an investment consultant, Ted saw many different sides of business, from planning, business development, finances, even housing. When Ted Bauman returned to the United States in 2008, he started working at the Habitat for Humanity International. As the director for the International Housing Program, Ted Bauman was working to help others and build a better community for people in need, which often had him touring through Latin America and the Caribbean for business.

Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, Ted Bauman has been helping people in a different way, financial advisement. There are many different ways for people to make something for themselves in the world of finance, especially in the United States. The only issue is finding good sources of information that can help the average investor navigate the fluctuating markets. Ted Bauman spends his days researching and writing articles such as the Bauman Letter and Plan B to help inform his many readers at Banyan Hill.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedbauman

The Work Ethics of OSI Food Solutions.

Over 100 years of quality food solutions.

When Otto Kolschowsky opened his meat market in 1909, he had a small market target and build the business for his family to survive on. Otto Kolschowsky was an immigrant with an American dream that would later be amongst the top a hundred food solutions giants I the world. His small family business partnered with other food service companies in its early years of development, giving it the advantage of stability and sustenance which are necessary for the growth of any business. OSI food solutions were been known, over the many years of service, for their consistency in producing high-quality products and excellent customer service which have also ensured that, a century later, the meat processing company is still going wide and strong in the food business.

Employment and Careers at the OSI food solutions.

Over the years the management of the OSI group of industries, LLC, has been transferred from one boss and his team to another but what they have ensured it that it remained in the hand a competent team committed to the excellence of the company. Their executive team is built around a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals like David McDonald, the current COO, and president of the company, who have grown and served the company for over thirty years. The company rewards and motivate its employees through constant promotions e.g McDanold joined the company as a project manager and has been promoted to a number of positions, for his hard work and commitment, before he became the President. The firm also has programs that help nature youths who plan to pursue a career in the food industry.

OSI food solutions and the 2016 globe of honor by the British safety council.

Other than ensuring that their products are of high quality and are delivered on time to their consumers, the food company makes sure that their facilities are conducive for their employees too. Having a workforce that is in a stable environment increases productivity and commitment. This is what the OSi Food Solutions, a highly productive team, when it ensures their safety, from the least of the employees to the cream of the company. This was confirmed when they were awarded the Globe of Honor in 2016 by the British Safety Council, in 2016.


Aloha Restoration: Providing Repair Services for the Winter

Aloha Restoration is one of the leading companies in Illinois and adjacent areas that provides renovation services for homes. People in this area rely on the company’s expertise to fix exterior parts of the house like roofs and walls, as well as internal issues happening inside the home, especially with the ceiling. The company has several departments, like the Aloha Restoration Mold Removal and Water Removal department, which recently gained an endorsement from a 1985 Super Bowl NFL Player, Tom Thayer. The mold removal and water removal services from the company help homeowners who are having issues with their homes, especially with the roof drainage, where large amounts of water could accumulate over time.

Excessive water in these areas could also destroy the materials where it drips. Aloha Restoration is also removing mold growth within the property, preventing them from causing further damages, especially if the house is made of wood.


The company has been encouraging the public to start preparing for the winter season, and they highlighted several repairs that have to be done on their properties to maintain its condition. Aloha Restoration is a reputable company in their area, and people are following their recommendations because they knew that their services are world-class and they would do everything to advise people to protect their homes from different elements.


Aloha Construction has undergone several changes throughout the years that they were operating. Beginning as a family-controlled business, they started to open up new departments and expanded their presence in the Midwestern United States. People rely on their services when the storm season or the winter season begins, and the company provides strong and durable repairs that would allow their clients’ properties to last for years. Many of their customers are satisfied with the services that they provide, and they are doing their craft seriously to help more people.


Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was born in Ruther Glen in 1913 and was raised in Troon and thereafter in Glasgow. He attended Glasgow High School but left school at the age of sixteen in 1929 so that he would work on the Glasgow Herald.

At Glasgow Herald, he started by taking down copies from the correspondents that were phoning in and then, later on, was promoted as editor of some of the feature pages. Through his involvement in the editorial section, Borthwick became involved in the hill climbing and walking scenes that was becoming popular among the people in Glasgow during weekends. This helped Borthwick become creative with his articles that featured the working class people that he interacted with during the hill walking scenes.

The author‘s career made a huge stepping stone in 1939 where he got a job with the Daily Mirror located in Fleet Street London. However, he went back to Glasgow within his first year at London and this time he became a correspondent at BBC radio.

Years later at the beginning of the Second World War, Alastair Borthwick was commissioned as an Intelligence Officer in the fifth Battalion. He was involved throughout the hostilities in Italy, Sicily, Holland, Belgium, North Africa, and Belgium. However, when the hostilities came to an end, he was asked to write a Battalion history which was later published in 1946 under the name ‘Sans Peur, The History of the 5th Battalion, the Sea forth Highlanders’.

At the close of The World War, Alastair Borthwick moved from Glasgow to Jura with his wife Anne whom he had married in 1940. He continued with his journalism career as a broadcaster for BBC and combined this venture with fishing. Before moving back to Glasgow, the couple moved to Islay where Borthwick had offered help to Scotland’s organization contributed to the Festival of Britain in 1951.

The couple later moved to Glasgow wherein the 1960’s Alastair Borthwick began producing half-hour programs for Grampian TV regarding a vast range of topics and subjects. Later on in the 1970’s, the couple moved to Ayrshire where they settled on one of the many hill farms located in the region. Alastair passed on in the year 2003 at a nursing home in Beith. He is remembered for being a remarkable journalist in the world war era, alongside his two major publications. Get your copy of Alastair’s Life Among the Scots here.

More: https://www.amazon.com/Always-little-further-Alastair-Borthwick/dp/B0007K7JI4

Richard Liu Qiangdongs Humble Beginnings

Richard Liu Qiangdong spoke in World Forum Annual Meeting about how JD.com came into existence, the future of JD.com, personal life and China Economy. What caught the attention of many people though is, his personal life and the inspiration behind JD.com. JD.com is the largest e-commerce platform in China.

In 1998, Richard Liu was financially distressed. His grandmother was ailing and she needed treatment. His family could not afford to get her medical care. He would have also wished to go abroad and study, but his finances could not allow. He was left with one option, to start a business. He founded a computer accessory shop. The venture worked out well for Richard Liu Qiangdong and it expanded into 12 shops.

The business suffered a major hit during the sars outbreak in China. The nasty development turned his life around. While reminiscing on the sales they made when the business was operational and thinking about the way forward, the idea of selling products online came along. Together with his workers, they decided to give it a shot. Back in the day, e-commerce was “chaotic”, full of counterfeit products and frauds. Richard Liu decided that he would only offer authenticated products through the platform to gain the trust of customers. He also started issuing invoices for purchases to streamline payments.

The business did quite well and he found out that e-commerce was the future. With scarce resources, he added one product line every year. Currently, the platform has over 1 billion products beating all e-commerce platforms in China. JD.com is now worth over $60 billion. It has 167,000 employees. It is also working to expand to Southern Asia and also increase its presence in China. The company has penetrated almost every part of China with the launch of JD Logistics.

Currently, Richard Liu is one of the richest people in China with a worth of $11 billion. He now can only imagine his humble beginnings. He attended Renmin University of China where he graduated with a bachelor degree in sociology. He has EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. According to the entrepreneur, JD.com is the future of the world.

Learn More: www.evergreendentalcarenh.com/

Talkspace Brings Therapy Home To Help Their Clients

You would never know it from his nearly 2 dozen Olympic gold medals, but Michael Phelps has been struggling with depression for a large portion of his life. In the years following his first medal wins, he was in the new for 2 drunk driving incidents and his marijuana use that was captured in a photo. These incidents could not only have cost him his career, but also his life. At one point, he thought about suicide before he decided to make a change. When he discovered Talkspace, he knew that it could make a difference in people’s lives.

Talkspace is different than other therapy providers as their services aren’t done in a facility. Instead, therapists can speak to their clients digitally through emails, video chats, and texts. This option is much more convenient and comfortable for those who are living busy lives or nervous about seeing a therapist in person. In addition, Talkspace can fit in some people’s budgets easier than other types of therapy.

Michael Phelps wants to be able to help people beyond inspiring them with his Olympic achievements. By encouraging others to seek help with their depression and other mental health issues he knows that he could potentially save lives with his partnership with Talkspace. Everyone struggles sometimes and the stigma that many holds towards mental health disorders needs to be lifted so people aren’t afraid to get the help that they need.

The therapists that work with Talkspace are all fully licensed and many have jobs in traditional facilities when they aren’t working with the company. Recently, some of these therapists were interviewed about what their typical days with Talkspace are like to give their clients, current and potential, a more personal look at the company. The therapists at Talkspace are just as different as their clients.

Therapist at Talkspace knows that they need to be able to take care of themselves to be able to take care of their clients. Each of them has their own way of engaging in self care so they can handle the day ahead of them and they encourage their clients to take care of themselves as well.