The Achievements of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Industries

One of the leaders at OSI Industries that have played a key role in its growth is Sheldon Lavin and has worked at the firm for decades now. During his tenure, he has helped the food provider to adopt sustainable production practices. OSI has been leading in the sector and that has been made possible by the use of advanced technology in all the operations to increase efficiency and reduce environmental pollution. It started as a small shop that was based in Chicago by one of the German immigrants at the time. Years later, OSI partnered with the McDonald’s and became one of the main suppliers of meat products to the restaurants that were spread out in the country.

Sheldon Lavin helped OSI Industries to develop new business strategies that have helped it to gain a competitive edge over the other players in the food industry. The efforts by the food provider to ensure sustainability have earned it international recognition and awards which include Global Visionary Award and the Globe of Honor. Currently, Sheldon serves as the chairman and Chief Executive of OSI Industries.

Before joining the food company, he worked in various positions in the finance sector. He became part of OSI at a critical point as the company needed a large amount of money to finance expansion plans and his skills were necessary. Before a bank approved the funding, the financial institution urged the management of the food provider to include Sheldon Lavin in its team.

The finance expert became a managing partner at OSI Industries to help the firm in seeking more funds to expand its operations to other parts of the world. The management of McDonald’s encouraged Mr. Lavin to take a permanent position at OSI. Since OSI was one of the core suppliers for McDonald’s, the success of the food provider would also have a positive impact on its growth. Sheldon Lavin still believes that there is always a room for improvement and is optimistic that the firm would experience a positive growth rate in the foreseeable future. According to him, the employees of OSI are an important part of the company and always ensures that they are allowed to be innovative in their work.

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Mark Beer Renovia

Mark Beer grew up in Ohio where he studied at the Miami University graduating with the Bachelor Science. The individual qualifies with over 25 years of experience in development and commercialization in devices, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. Together with Yolanda Lurie and Roman Iglesias, Beer established the Renovia Inc in August 2016. Soon after the establishment, the leaders completed a Series A funding round. Renovia is a demonstration of a line of various successful establishments of Beer. The primary focus and developments of beer touch on technological convergences and medicine.


Every individual trusts Mark Beer as the optimal leader of Renovia considering his level of experience and accomplishment and the leadership positions he held before. Beer and his team completed a $42-million Series B funding that showed significant improvement not just for Renovia but for Beer. Beer garnered leadership skills and attention after becoming the founder and the CEO of ViaCell. The biotechnology company manages the preservation, collection, and development of the umbilical cord stem cells. The biotech company went public in 2005 after garnering more than 300 workers. Later, after two years, Perkin Elmer took the possession of ViaCell. Before he became the CEO of ViaCell, Mark Beer served in various leadership positions including the executive vice president of global marketing. Every position Beer held would open up much experience not just in medicine but knowing what people need, especially when working at Renovia.


The finishing of the Series B funding round will help in reinforcing the growth of medical technology devices meant to treat, diagnose, and prevent pelvic floor disorders, such as the urinary incontinence. As the CEO, Mark Beer expressed appreciations to every individual who took part in development to allow the Boston-base MedTech Company to enhance on its existing products and come up with new ones. All the uniqueness in treating and diagnosing the pelvic floor disorders of Renovia get attributed to Beer through his experience and high level of education and expertise.


The primary focus of Renovia is to enhance the technology that will assist women to perform the exercise accurately to straighten their pelvic floor muscles. Much of the cash received from the Series B funding round will get used in developing and testing of four other therapeutic and diagnostic products that include a new version of Leva pelvic digital health system. Also, the fund will assist in future commercial launches, corporate development, product development, and setting up new clinical trials.


The new research trails will help to determine the improvement of women who use the Leva device for strengthening pelvic floor muscle as compared to those who do not use the technology. The trail was to start in August 2018, and the company expected a turn up of over 260 women. Learn more:


EOS- More than Just Lip Service

When it comes to choosing health and beauty products many people rely on reviews to assist them in their decision making process. While every product on the market claims to be the best, EOS Lip Balm has customer and company reviews to support that belief. One of the company’s core values is its understanding that “women want products that deliver moments of delight that transcend daily routines.” Whether it’s the egg shaped container or the tube version, EOS products live up to the hype of their reputation. The company uses certified USDA organic ingredients. The base ingredients in most of their products are jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. The balms are also free of parabens and petrolatum, which help those with sensitive skin.

A plethora of reviews (both commercial and personal) are available online to give credence to the claims of being the best. Allure has given EOS multiple “Best of Beauty” awards. Amazon customers grace EOS balms with some of the highest ratings and rave reviews. Walmart and Target customers rated the products almost perfect and praised the benefits of EOS Lip Balms. Over 60% of Makeup Alley customers stated that they would repurchase the product. EOS also made the final cut of the testing of all lip balms on the market.

Perhaps the greatest statement about the effectiveness of EOS comes from the lips of its customers. They often praise the balms for being smooth and clear. Many customers also praise the balm for its moisturizing effects and ease of application. One review stated that the product was “smooth as silk.” Most customers would recommend the product to friends and family. They love the mild fragrances, sweet tastes, hydrating benefits, and reasonable price of the products. Based on personal personal reviews and market tests, EOS can feel confident in believing their lip balms are the best.

Papa John’s Stevie Richie Apologizes

After some wrong things were said and people were disgruntled Steve Richie the CEO of Papa John’s stepped in to smooth things over. First of all, he apologized that offensive words had been said and was sincere to express that the unpleasantness had hurt him as much as it had hurt all those involved. Steve Richie pointed out that the offensive word in no way reflected upon his views or the values of the company. He specifically stated that racism and insensitive language would not be tolerated at any level by the company, Papa John’s.

Steve Richie pointed out that Papa John’s is a pizza company and not an individual. The company has 120,000 corporate and franchise team members all over the globe. The employees of the company are from individual communities and come from all walks of life. They work very hard to provide Papa John’s customers with better service and pizza. Steve Richie went on to explain that the company was in the process of bringing in outside experts who would help to audit the company’s culture, diversity and inclusion practices. In this way, they could better identify where their strengths and weakness lay and therefore could set up goals to do much better in the future. A senior management team would be sent out to speak to and listen to their employees and franchisees to find out how things were going and to be able to move forward in the future with better business practices.

Steve Richie will be on top of everything that is going on and will do everything that he can to make sure that Papa John’s can regain the trust of their customers. He emphasized that the entire team at the company thanks its customers for their loyalty and acknowledges the fact that they are in business only because of their customers. Papa John’s will continue to listen to their customers and make sure that everything is satisfactory and if there is ever any doubt about anything they can rely on Steve Richie to get to the bottom of the matter and make things right again.

Dr. Rick Shinto Brings Many Years Of Experience To His Position At Innovacare

One of the most important qualities that many executives need to have in the modern world is the ability to balance many field. Dr. Rick Shinto of Innovacare Health is someone who illustrates the need to combine experience in varied field. Dr. Shinto is someone who has a background in both business and the world of medicine. As such. he brings a great deal to the table with his work at Innovacare Health. Shinto is presently the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Innovacare Health. He began his career by deciding to enter medical school. In the process, he chose become an internist. Dr. Shinto received a degree in science from the highly respected University of California at Irvin where he did very well. His undergraduate degree prepared him to enter medical school. He then went on to earn a degree in medicine from SUNY Stonybrook or the State University of New York. Not content to rest on his laurels, he decided that further education would be a good idea. It was then that he went on to earn an additional degree in business. At present, he holds a highly respected master’s degree in business from the University of Redlands.

A Rick Shinto looks to the future at the helm of Innovacare Health, he is confident that he can help steer it in the right direction. Shinto has a long background in both the field of business and that of healthcare that helps him bridge the gap between both. He has over two decades working in both fields and achieving impressive results. His career has taken him all over the United States. He’s worked as the president and the CEO of another respected organization known as Aveta Inc. They are a division of North American Medical Management and based in Illinois. This kind of hard work has helped him gain a broader perspective on the world of health care in the United States. As the person in charge of leading the medical team at the Fort Lee, New Jersey based company, he is someone who is poised to move forward and create a better future for all. He’s also someone who looks forward to working closely with many other team members in the process. He and those who lead this company are confident they can continue to deliver the kind of service that people need from a healthcare company.

Felipe Montoro Jens Helps Eliminate Waste in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens has years of experience at some of the biggest companies in Brazil. He has been the CEO of EnergiparCaptacao S.A, and he has served as the chairman of Conssesionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. Felipe Montoro Jens’ main area of expertise is as an advisor to state governments in Brazil. He consults with them to find ways to cut down waste. That may come in the form of sanitation or transport waste. One of his main projects is in conjuncture with Belo Horizonte city in Minas Gerais state. So much money is lost by local and state governments that could be saved. He does not limit himself to just working in Brazil. He has worked for some of the biggest international companies in the world. He recently worked in Portugal helping in the gas and oil industry. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens has a degree from the prestigious Getulio Vargas Foundation and he went on to attend the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

He is working on a project to replace less efficient sodium vapour lamps with newer LED lights in Minas Gerais state. The new LED lights last longer and they use less energy. Much of Felipe Montoro Jens’ work also helps the environment.

Felipe Montoro Jens is also working on projects that will help education in Brazil. He is building thousands of new facilities that will be used for preschoolers along with buildings that will be used for daycare. He is working side by side with the World Bank.

One obstacle Felipe Montoro Jens is finding is the way these projects can be funded. Public money must make up some of the budget, but he is finding that difficult. As so much of the work he does benefits the general public, he feels that they should give more for funding.



Serge Belamant, A Successful Educated Man

Serge Belamant has attended many schools in his past. One of the first schools he attended was a high school strictly for boys. It was at this school that he found his love for Rugby and Chess. He also attended Witwatersrand University and took on many studies. He first studied engineering and then move on. He would move on to study other second year and third year courses. These courses helped benefit him greatly in the future.

Serge Belamant started working for a company called the Matrix. The Matrix engineering firm was a division of BKSH. He was able to predict future droughts and optimize dam levels. He was able to make these predictions by using the resources provided by the Matrix. The time he spent working for this company helped him prepare for his next job.

Serge Belamant was reassigned. At his new job he worked with a team. He lead the team while working at CSIR. He was able to improve his skills and knowledge by working at CSIR. He then moved on to work some where else to gain more experience.

In 1980 Serge Belamant was awarded for his work. It was around this time he had started working at Control Data. He worked with Cybernet debugging codes. Cybernet was a team of super computer manufacturers.

In the present year of 2018 about 5 months ago. He became the founder of
Zilch Technology. Zilch’s mission is to awaken your dormant customer base and convert browsers into buyers. Serge Belamant states that the most creative thing he has ever done is, “Creating a financial service company that offers small personal loans at a 0% interest rate”. I believe that he has achieved many great things in his life. That is why I like to call him a successful educated man.

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