Lincolnshire Management a Global Leading Private Equity Firm

Lincolnshire Management is a private for-profit financial services firm that was founded in 1986. The firm that is headquartered in New York was established with the aim of providing investments and acquisitions services to middle market companies across a diverse range of industries. Lincolnshire for the past 30 years has made investments through more than 85 acquisitions across various sectors. The firm that was established by Frank Wright and Steven Kumble over three decades ago is ranked among the top ten most performing private equity firms in the US by renowned media outlets such as the CNN and the Fortune Magazine among others.

Lincolnshire Management just like any other startup started like a small investment and acquisition company in New York. The firm has grown over the years, and today it boasts of having regional offices in places such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta among others. Besides, the company boasts of having more than 1.7 billion dollars worth of private equity funds under its management. The previous firm funds II and III have both been recognized as the top quartile of all private equity funds in the US. Some of the financial services that the firm focuses on include acquisition investments in private companies’, recapitalizations; buyouts and helping both public and private company grow their equity among others.

Lincolnshire Management boasts of a team of highly qualified and trained professionals in the financial investment sector. At the helm of the company is T.J. Maloney who serves as the firm’s Chairman and CEO. Maloney joined the firm in the year 1993, and under his leadership, the firm has achieved many successes. Maloney is highly experienced in mergers and acquisitions including securities law. Maloney is the firm’s vision carrier, and aside from overseeing all the firms operations, he is an active member of the firm’s investment committee. Maloney before joining Lincolnshire Management served in various senior capacities in a couple of organizations such as Boston College Wall Street Council where he served as Chairman among others. Maloney is an alma mater of both Boston College and Fordham Law School where he acquired a BA and Jurist Doctor degrees respectively.

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