Igor Cornelsen’s Rise As a Successful Investor

When the economy of Brazil took a hit, Igor Cornelsen was among the few investors who believed that everything would stabilize soon. He championed for other investors to invest in the failing market as stocks were being sold at a low price but would later sell for much more. Most investors saw this as absurd and chose to buy stocks from well-performing markets instead of a move that Igor highly frowns upon as the stocks are costly and there is no guarantee that they will sell in future. According to him, investing in markets that are experiencing financial problems requires a lot of patience, an attribute that most people lack. Igor has been in the business long enough to know when an investment is a good idea. He has years of experience to back his knowledge in the field.

Igor was exposed to finance at a young age and has, therefore, learned a lot. He is natively from Brazil where he was born and raised. He first joined the Federal University of Parana for a course in engineering before shifting to economics. At the time, the university was the only one with engineering courses, and competition to join was stiff. For Igor to secure a place was a great fit. He was brilliant in maths and economics securing a job at an investment bank. Calculators were yet to be discovered, and his skills came in handy. His skills did not go unnoticed, and he was appointed to become a member of the board of directors at Multibanco. He continued working hard and later became the CEO.

Igor Cornelsen has also worked with Unibanco, Libra Bank PLC, and even Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. Using the experience that he gained from these banks, Igor decided to begin his company. He attributed his success to being passionate, determined and focused in his work.

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