Sophisticated Entrepreneur and Partner to Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley Lightspeed

Born and raised in California, United States, Ashley Lightspeed is an entrepreneur although having an interest in architect since her father was one. Earning his knowledge and skills in business from Stanford University where she graduated with her master’s degree in MBA and her bachelor’s degree from Duke University having studied Visual and Media services, Markets and management, she has been a sophisticated leader and currently her accomplishments is visible to many. She is a partner to Lightspeed Venture Partners Company based in San Francisco. The company is an investment firm dealing with technology enterprise and consumer space. See Related Article at

Ashley Lightspeed has been into other enterprise firms widely in United States before partnering with Lightspeed Venture Partners where she is only four months old as a partner. She has been into Growth Stage Companies where she plays the role of a consultant and advisor, Giant Bain and Company where she was a senior associate and also in San Francisco Bay Area as a category manager. With her experience in business world, she delivers the best and quality services to her clients to ensure maximum satisfaction to them.

Working as a partner, she has made much contributions and accomplishments to the company to ensure paramount business innovation and creative solutions towards the development and building of the company. With her love for architecture although she has a parallel work to it as a business lady, she is architecting the best solutions and ways to venture into the business world so as to ensure keen steps in undertaking it. She has been a helpful partner in developing new business models, products and services so as to enable the company achieve its goals. With her commitment and love in business, Ashley aims high in coming up with new ideas that strives the company’s spirit and thus gaining popularity globally.


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