Business professional – Kevin Seawright and his achievements

Kevin Seawright is the founder of RPS housing solutions which is a housing company based in Baltimore. Mr Seawright is also a managing partner at the firm. He created the company in 2015 to offer a wide range of services in real estate industry. The company has reached great feats when it comes to achieving its goals in improving housing in the community. The company created by Kevin Seawright aims in creating a healthy community developments by creating affordable housing to the diversified community of Baltimore for people who neither have the resources nor the financial capability of affording good and quality housing.

Kevin recently partnered his firm with the National Community Stabilization Trust in order to increase the chances of low income earning civilian and also the medium earners to be able to get cheap and affordable housing choices. The partnership is considered a great help since it is expected to increase the rate at which homes are bought by introduction of affordable housing options.

Currently, Mr Seawright resides in New Jersey and works as a professional accountant and project manager. During his career he has worked in a number of boards and is also an active member of several societies. Kevin Seawright studied at Mendoza College of business. This business professional has a master’s degree from Almeda University in Accounting. His education path paved way for his extensive experience as a public accountant and also as a financial director in private sector companies.

In his social media handles, the business professional displays all his company information and also frequently posts on the company updates like partnerships. Furthermore Mr Seawright has a number of achievements including supervising of public schools systems and developed a new system of using funds hence making transportation more efficient and also giving more resources to administrators.

Mr Seawright has worked for a number of companies holding senior positions and also serving in different boards. On top of his professional career that involves both Real Estate and Accounting, he also served as the campaign manager of a mayor candidate in Baltimore.

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