EOS- More than Just Lip Service

When it comes to choosing health and beauty products many people rely on reviews to assist them in their decision making process. While every product on the market claims to be the best, EOS Lip Balm has customer and company reviews to support that belief. One of the company’s core values is its understanding that “women want products that deliver moments of delight that transcend daily routines.” Whether it’s the egg shaped container or the tube version, EOS products live up to the hype of their reputation. The company uses certified USDA organic ingredients. The base ingredients in most of their products are jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. The balms are also free of parabens and petrolatum, which help those with sensitive skin.

A plethora of reviews (both commercial and personal) are available online to give credence to the claims of being the best. Allure has given EOS multiple “Best of Beauty” awards. Amazon customers grace EOS balms with some of the highest ratings and rave reviews. Walmart and Target customers rated the products almost perfect and praised the benefits of EOS Lip Balms. Over 60% of Makeup Alley customers stated that they would repurchase the product. EOS also made the final cut of the reviews.com testing of all lip balms on the market.

Perhaps the greatest statement about the effectiveness of EOS comes from the lips of its customers. They often praise the balms for being smooth and clear. Many customers also praise the balm for its moisturizing effects and ease of application. One review stated that the product was “smooth as silk.” Most customers would recommend the product to friends and family. They love the mild fragrances, sweet tastes, hydrating benefits, and reasonable price of the products. Based on personal personal reviews and market tests, EOS can feel confident in believing their lip balms are the best.