JD.COM Partners to Develop and Commercialize Unmanned Delivery Solutions in Japan

JD.com, China’s largest e-commerce platform, and Rakuten, Inc., a global innovation company in the e-commerce sector, have partnered to enable JD.com’s drones as well as autonomous delivery robots to utilize Rakuten’s delivery solutions in Japan. An agreement was drafted between the two parties and while JD.com brings its expertise in developing drones as well as autonomous delivery robots, Rakuten brings expertise in drone delivery service operations within Japan including its advanced shopping apps. The two companies will work together on the Japanese company’s lineup of unmanned delivery services to be applicable in various situations.

Rakuten initiated its Rakuten Drone Delivery service in 2016 and it has provided significant delivery services making it to gain considerable experience. It partnered with corporate partners as well as local governments to make the drone delivery service a success. The company made strides toward solving the problems for the logistics sector in Japan when it conducted its first delivery trial using a combination of drones and autonomous delivery robots.

According to Rakuten’s Group Managing Executive Officer, Koji Ando, they were delighted to partner with JD.com, a company that has cutting-edge proprietary delivery network and know-how as well as a track record with drones and UGVs. He continued to say that the partnership will enable them accelerate innovation that will promote the Japanese logistics sector and ultimately, contribute to a capable society that can provide greater convenience to all citizens.

JD.com started developing its drone program around 2015 and in 2016, it launched the first commercial drone deliveries in the world. Since then, the drones have logged over 400,000 minutes-flight time. Recently, it announced the launch of the first government-approved drone test flight in Indonesia opening the commercial use of drones in the commercial sector in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Also known as Jingdong, JD.com’s autonomous delivery robots are operational in urban areas and they are often sighted making deliveries in university campuses and office parks.

According to JD’s President of JD-X, JD’s logistics innovation lab, Jun Xiao, the company has been using the drones as well as autonomous delivery robots to make real deliveries in China for over two years. The company is continuing to innovate to make logistics more reliable, accessible as well as cost-effective. The two companies have now embarked on a new path to accelerate the development as well as commercialization of the unmanned delivery solutions of Rakuten in Japan and promote the society.

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A One-On-One Guide To Better Entrepreneurship Through Stansberry Research

On occasions, business owners need to consider investments to help maintain their annual income. Through Stansberry Research, an owner can learn about new recommendations which will lead to better financial resolutions. More importantly, growth stocks and business capital become easier to understand and well-maintained. In fact, Stansberry Research starts a portfolio for each client.

In detail, the portfolio has a designed business path planned out for them. At the most, each client can receive 40 recommendations to help break through financial barriers that are holding them back. Along with a typed business portfolio, the sources used are explained throughout the business counseling. In reality, this helps break down financial barriers that are holding your company back. In the long run, you will have more of a sense of confidence while Stansberry helps to rearrange your business to make capital. Simultaneously, publications will be a part of the package as well. Meanwhile, the business owner is learning better risks to take on behalf of their business. Otherwise, the owner’s company may be in jeopardy.

On a happy note, Stansberry Research helps an entrepreneur understand how to invest. In that aspect, this helps the owner feel secure when talking about their business issues. Additionally, the owner has consultations that involve retirement investments along with creating the portfolio. In terms of structure, the owner will know if any bad decisions were made prior to consulting with Stansberry Research. Moreover, the owner gains the business knowledge and recommends Stansberry Research to other colleagues.

By implementing what is taught by Stansberry, entrepreneurs feel anchored enough to teach their own board of directors. Within in a matter of time, the owners will know how important it is to keep their business knowledge current at all times. In that case, publications are a continuous way to read and understand the up and coming businesses that may need your help. Also, the owner learns to keep up with the stock exchange. With those approaches, Stansberry Research can teach leadership and business to anyone that may be struggling. Overall, your business journey will regain its wealth, and you will become a better business owner.

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An Inside Look Into Private Equity Firm HGGC

In an industry where normalcy breeds unprofitable results, HGGC seeks to transcend norms by creating trends that “shape tomorrow’s opportunities.” Founded in 2007, this private equity investment firm offers expertise, custom solutions, and services abound. Co-founded by NFL star Steve Young, this PE business has a unique backstory. When Young reached the end of his prime, he endeavored to make a name for himself in a different realm. An enterprising man through and through, Young realized he had a flair for entrepreneurialism. Eight years after bidding his football career a tear-laden farewell, Young reached the pinnacle of his business career.

As the company’s managing director, Young oversees the lion’s share of operations. After spending nearly a decade at the helm, Young’s acquired expertise in the following fields: leveraged buyouts, middle markets, growth equity, and platform investments. As a whole, HGGC strives to “provide insight into ongoing middle market trends.” What’s more, the firm is very enthusiastic about partnering with companies that have an EBITDA between $15 million and $75 million. While this may appear a seemingly unattainable goal, HGGC’s years of industry success bespeaks their ability to make the impossible possible.

These days, HGGC is making diligent efforts to expand beyond their North American partnerships by forging relations with international businesses and startup companies. More specifically, they’re looking to invest in nationwide conglomerates that specialize in one of the following industries: healthcare, industrial services, finance, retail, infrastructure, software, professional development, technology, and communications. Given their far-reaching appeal, HGGC is confident they’ll soon establish a rapport with an organization that fits the above description. Above all else, HGGC puts a premium on investing in advanced technology. According to top execus, cutting-edge technology bodes well for “superior deal flow, aligned interests, and disciplined investment choices.”


Why GreenSky Is Ruling the Financial Tech World

It was a breakthrough for GreenSky, the fast-growing financial tech company when their stocks rose by 17.1% in August 2018. According to financial analyst, the growth was a result of the company’s recent partnership with American Express. Considering that American Express has a strong merchandise base, we expect that and access to such a base will give GreenSky a more extensive customer reach than what they already have.

About the company

GreenSky is a company that is known for its role as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. They do not bear any risk during this process, and therefore, their operational model is attractive to many business partners. Considering that they have excelled in the online lending industry despite spirited competition from many quarters, there is no doubt that their growth will keep increasing. They have built strong relationships with home investors, banks, and healthcare providers to cement their position as leaders in this industry.

Getting more customers

Observers say that the bulk of their partnership with American Express will be more visible in 2019. This realization is likely to bring another critical growth dimension. GreenSky says that due to this new partnership, they will be focusing on bringing more customers on board, and using the networks that are already in place to make loans more accessible. It is a partnership that is likely to spur growth for both parties, and things are looking up.

Their recent history

Exponential growth is not a new phenomenon for GreenSky. We are looking at a company that experienced a 50% growth in the number of active merchants on their platform for the period ranging from 2015-2017. Although they have a business model that resembles that of big payment processors, they have used various tactics such as reduction of transaction fees to keep customers coming to their platform.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, GreenSky focuses on providing the latest financial technology to banks and other financial institutions. This technology enables them to provide more effective loan options for customers in various markets including home improvement and healthcare. Owing to their new partnerships, we can only expect that the company will come up with improved ways of accessing loans for customers.