A glance at the many sides of creative consultant, Victoria Doramus

Shining in the highly competitive world of media calls for dedication, hard work and consistency, and when talent is added, then one shines even brighter. This is perhaps why Victoria Doramus’s career has been at its peak ever since she made her first step into this area.

Who is Victoria Doramus?

Victoria Doramus is a household name in the media, the creative industry to be precise. She has been in this area for more than two decades now, and her talents have been making her stand out throughout her career.

Victoria’s journey to excellence began at the University of Colorado where she graduated with a BA in journalism and mass communication. Armed with nothing but fresh skills from the University of Colorado, Victoria was fortunate enough to secure a position at Mindshare as an assistant media planner. Her role involved direct negotiations with media vendors and clients in a bid to produce their content. Her second primary role also involved in creating and maintaining good relations with media account executives.

Her success here attracted the attention of other major companies and soon she got the opportunity to work at Stila cosmetics as a creative consultant. This role gave her an opportunity to collaborate with various renowned art directors as she initiated campaign projects.

Besides the two mentioned firms, Victoria Doramus has also worked with the Creative arts agency, and here she also got to tap into a different world of media as she handled a set of unique challenges. She worked here for three years and later moved to Trendera.

Other interests

Besides media, Victoria Doramus has a deep passion for arts, which explains why she dedicated a whole semester to study the history of fashion and contemporary art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

Her degree in journalism and mass communication also imparted great writing skills in her, which she has been sharing with the world by writing for various renowned media platforms. Some of her pieces have been posted on the Huffington Post, USA today, and the Cosmopolitan among many others.

Struggle with addiction

Unfortunately, even with her tremendous success, Victoria once found herself struggling with addiction and despite going to rehab, she still couldn’t manage to come out of it and even got to the point of being homeless. However, after attending AA meetings, Victoria was forced to face the reality of her choices and it is at this point that she decided to fight addiction until she gets back to her feet. Being a strong-willed person, Victoria Doramus emerged victorious and since then, serves as a professional recovery addict with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, where she dedicates her time and skills to help those who struggle with addiction, and those who are in the danger of becoming addicts.