Moving Forward with the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart are the Chainsmokers, a DJ/Producer duo from New York that has been making a name for themselves in the world of music. They have become a crossover success, being played not only in the dance/electronic world, but also attaining mainstream attention with their music.

The Chainsmokers are always working on new songs and pushing the boundaries of their live show. They say they love to make music and have no plans to slow down, much less stop. They release many singles as free downloads in addition to their albums and EPs. Their most recent single, “Side Effects”, features regular collaborator and “one of our favorite people”, Emily Warren.

The song is a more upbeat tune that the more recent songs they’ve released. The Chainsmokers like to write songs that reflect what they’re feeling and experiencing at that time. This is effected by the season as well as their life events. In the drearier, colder months they tend to write more introspective, slower songs. But for the summer months they prefer to keep things upbeat, as is the case with “Side Effects.” They wanted to make a “summer banger,” and integrated some funk and disco aspects to the song to help it be more upbeat.

The Chainsmokers are always looking for a new direction or idea to form songs around. This philosophy of growing as recording artists also extends to their role as live performers. The two are almost always playing shows across the country, saying they really don’t have a preference on crowd size: A crowd of 200 that came to rage is a great show, as it a crowd of 20,000+. As long as the crowd has a good energy the Chainsmokers are going to have fun playing for them, regardless of the size of the crowd.

They also have moved from being two guys behind turntables to bringing elements of a live band to their shows. They especially enjoy performing with a drummer, but they say they want to explore other roles from traditional bands in their shows.

Jeremy Goldstein Proposes Knockout Options For Employee Compensation

Jeremy Goldstein is a consummate professional in the world of compensation management, and he has a few things to say about Knockout options. Full partner in his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, Goldstein has assisted numerous companies in business matters. His portfolio is filled with some of the biggest business ventures of the past decade. He participated in the Dow Chemical Company merger with Rohm and Haas, as well as Goldman Sachs et al./Kinder Morgan, Inc., and Verizon Wireless/ALLTEL Corporation. His recommendation for Knockout options is poised as the go to solution for the stock option problems many companies are facing.


Knockout options provide protection from the risk of overhang. Many businesses dealing in stock options as compensation for their workforce face such risks if the value of their stock plummets. As many employees do not exercise such stock, or see any value in it, this creates overhang that effects actual investors. Stock options are also costly for companies to provide, and if they are not exercised, that expense goes to waste. Many companies still like to deal in stock as it provides tax benefit. A knockout clause avoids overhang by rendering the stock options void if the value falls past a certain mark. This provides incentive to the workforces to actualize them, as well as place more value in them.


According to Goldstein the use of Knockout options would have other benefit as well. It forces employees to have a better understanding of the market. From that understanding, they have the ability to exercise their options for great benefit. It leads to healthy trading as well as increase interest in keeping the value of the stocks up. Employees who do not want to lose their options will vest in helping the company stay healthy as well.


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