Talkspace Offers Help to Millions

Talkspace is the new way for people to access quality mental healthcare. To help promote the app, the company has partnered with world record holder Olympian, Michael Phelps. It might seem like a strange collaboration at first. Michael Phelps would appear to have it all. He has fame, wealth, and huge success. However, everything was not as it seemed. There were dark times during which he could not leave his room as the anxiety and depression was so bad. At his lowest point he had considered suicide.

It was only after he reached out for help that he began his recovery. Far from being a sign of weakness, Phelps sees asking for help as an act of courage. Talkspace is a way for people to reach out and get the initial help that could save their lives. Oren Frank, the founder of Talkspace, saw that there was a need for high quality health care that could be accessed in non-traditional ways. Talkspace is more affordable than traditional mental health care, and it is also more accessible. There are parts of the country that simply do not have mental health care professionals. Read more about the organization of Talkspace at

Talkspace is an app that can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection or anywhere that someone can use their phones. Users can speak to fully licensed professionals through text, emails, video chats. For a monthly fee, it is possible for more people to get the help that they need. Talkspace is looking to access more businesses, as the need for employees to get help with a wide range of mental health issues has never been higher.

Another area of the app is the online communities that offer help to other users. It is a safe forum for people to talk to each other and offer support. Talkspace has helped over a million people so far who have a variety of mental health issues.



Talkspace Brings Therapy Home To Help Their Clients

You would never know it from his nearly 2 dozen Olympic gold medals, but Michael Phelps has been struggling with depression for a large portion of his life. In the years following his first medal wins, he was in the new for 2 drunk driving incidents and his marijuana use that was captured in a photo. These incidents could not only have cost him his career, but also his life. At one point, he thought about suicide before he decided to make a change. When he discovered Talkspace, he knew that it could make a difference in people’s lives.

Talkspace is different than other therapy providers as their services aren’t done in a facility. Instead, therapists can speak to their clients digitally through emails, video chats, and texts. This option is much more convenient and comfortable for those who are living busy lives or nervous about seeing a therapist in person. In addition, Talkspace can fit in some people’s budgets easier than other types of therapy.

Michael Phelps wants to be able to help people beyond inspiring them with his Olympic achievements. By encouraging others to seek help with their depression and other mental health issues he knows that he could potentially save lives with his partnership with Talkspace. Everyone struggles sometimes and the stigma that many holds towards mental health disorders needs to be lifted so people aren’t afraid to get the help that they need.

The therapists that work with Talkspace are all fully licensed and many have jobs in traditional facilities when they aren’t working with the company. Recently, some of these therapists were interviewed about what their typical days with Talkspace are like to give their clients, current and potential, a more personal look at the company. The therapists at Talkspace are just as different as their clients.

Therapist at Talkspace knows that they need to be able to take care of themselves to be able to take care of their clients. Each of them has their own way of engaging in self care so they can handle the day ahead of them and they encourage their clients to take care of themselves as well.